We never get old, toys just get better.

Bringing together our hobbies into one place where we can talk about them with our friends, our family, our community. By using live streaming to engage more readily with the community, we find it grows our connection to them, allowing for a more dynamic flow of information regarding what we are discussing. This brings with it the ability to engage and answer questions put forth from our community on the spot and “raw”.

We aim to discuss our hobbies with others without judgment, or exclusion, we are all on different walks/paths in these hobbies and everyone has experiences worth hearing/telling.


Fernando Fuentes aka DEX

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

I am me, no more, no less; A family driven person with a passion for all things metal and music. I have been collecting flashlights and knives from a young age, and this has been one of my main passions. Coming from a family of musical backgrounds I have been around music all my life and have grown an amazing passion for the art. 

Today I am a metal junkie and an audiophile enthusiast.

As a father and a husband, I share my passions with my family, and now with you.

Welcome to our hobbies!

Tyler Manuel aka Tyler Eclectic

Your Biggest Moments Captured, Without Interruption

I have always collected hobbies ever since I was a little guy playing with my TMNTs, G.I.joes, etc. I’ve done the collectibles, videogames, sports (playing not watching), books, comics, photography, whiskey/booze, to anything I find of interest. I usually dive into the point that I understand it and then start looking for another hobby to add to the collection. I like to say I’m a Jack of all master of none lol. Some of my favorite hobbies are Photography, Audiophile gear (primarily headphones related, especially ZMF headphones), videogames (pc/console), Tattoos (hard to turn that hobby off), and I’ll rotate in random ones to that list from both my past to new endeavors.

I am a father, a husband, and an owner of two pretty awesome dogs. Cheers!

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